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Written for Patty Stoll, ILC Dover

Patty Stoll


Space Systems | Manager and Team Leader | Resourceful, Results-Oriented Problem Solver  


My time in the Marine Corps and at Lockheed Martin helped me develop the tools I needed for my first role at ILC Dover as Project Engineer. In my 13 years with ILC, I’ve worked in the Flight Engineering Group, managed the company’s space suit and space products programs, and I’m currently Division Manager of Space Systems.

I provide leadership based on my people skills—I genuinely care about people and I want to help them succeed. To a degree, leadership can be taught, but few people are natural leaders. My approach to leadership is that I don’t micromanage. I encourage my team to make their own decisions, which allows them to grow and builds their confidence.


In my work at ILC, I strive to be resourceful and results-oriented, adept at problem solving and persistent, sticking to a task until it’s complete. To me, success is staying determined and passionate to reach your goals, and never quitting.


The biggest challenge I face is spreading the word about how multi-faceted ILC Dover is. In addition to being the industry leader in space and aerospace—we’re famous for providing space suits for NASA—we leverage our world-class expertise in materials, engineering, process and design to create innovative products for pharma and biopharm, safety, flood protection, bulk packaging and processing.


If I could solve one problem in the world, I’d have people not only accept the ways in which we’re all different, but value them as well. At ILC Dover, I value my relationship with the janitor as much as the CEO. It’s important to make people feel respected and cared about, and I get satisfaction from taking people from many different backgrounds and engaging them, finding their strengths and encouraging them to make their unique contributions to our mission.

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