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Thought Leadership Paper

Written for Temenos

The most successful banks in today’s marketplace take a specific approach to their business, consistently striving to provide experience-driven banking. They focus not only on conducting financial transactions, but also on providing products and services that improve a customer’s life and support their goals. They move from being simply transaction providers to trusted advisors.  


But the ever-changing customer ecosystem makes delivering that service a daunting challenge. Customers want to consume services where, when and how they want them—usually on their mobile device of choice—and they expect  online banking offerings to be completely personalized, to be available through non-traditional sources, and to include suggestions for new products that might be of interest.


Written for Fran DiNuzzo, President and CEO, ILC Dover

As we developed our corporate rebranding, we didn’t focus solely on eye-catching colors or trendy designs. We wanted every element of our new brand to be a clear, direct reflection of the ILC Dover story and our people.


Our new website greets visitors with a brief video that conveys our new brand and highlights our creative, energetic employees who always seek innovation to achieve what was never before possible.


This approach to our work has remained unchanged since we started providing engineered solutions to customer problems back in 1947.

Byline Article

Written for Stewart H. Rosen, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Quintiles

Life sciences companies sometimes lose sight of patients while they focus on research for breakthrough drugs. Slow-moving clinical trials prevent timely access to life-saving medications, which can hinder patients’ chances for longer, better lives and maybe even survival.


Sluggish trials make it difficult for companies to prosper as well—they can lose as much as $8 million each day a drug is delayed from reaching the market. 


About 1.7 million patients participate in 80,000 drug company-sponsored trials worldwide each year, and though companies spend an average of $300,000 to recruit each participant for a phase 3 clinical trial, nearly half of trial sites (48%) are unable to enroll enough patients.   

Written for Rita Numerof, PhD, President, Numerof & Associates

In a steady stream of news stories, health systems put quality care and positive patient outcomes on the back burner as they try to haul in as much money as they can.  

Denying coverage for mental health issues and burdening patients with surprise medical bills make it seem that providers are asking, “How many ways can we say no?” This is common in the current payment environment, and it must stop.   

With the current model, too many providers do only what they get paid to do, and no more. Providing the highest quality care—no matter the cost—isn’t anywhere near top of mind.

HR Communication
Written for Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Executive Role Description: US Diagnostics Lead (DIAG) 


Overview of US Diagnostics Lead 
The main responsibility of the US Diagnostics Lead is to develop and manage US diagnostic initiatives that lead to faster diagnosis and improved patient outcomes across our treated or anticipated disease states. Also, this role coordinates with internal and external stakeholders to implement best practices for diagnosis. 

Employee Newsletter Article

Written for Campbell Soup

It can make a shopper miserable. Trying to find their favorite Campbell’s soup on supermarket shelves that have been picked over, depleted and disorganized. Today’s busy shopper, pressed for time, will just as soon walk away than continue the frustrating search.  


“One of the biggest challenges we face with consumers is the difficulty they have  finding our products,” says Keith Olscamp – Vice President Retail and Broker Sales Operations. “If you stand in front of the condensed soup section, there are a lot of items with different designations for flavor and variety, and to consumers it’s very confusing. Our research has shown that when most shoppers go into the store and can’t find what they’re looking for right away, they just move on.”

Employee Training Module

Written for Project Management Institute

The Control Schedule Process



You’re driving your car and hurrying to get to an important appointment. There are no delays, only green lights, and you’re optimistic you’ll be there on time. Then you see a large orange sign—Detour. Unsettled and a little angry, you veer onto an alternate route and your chances of being on time are gone.


That kind of sudden change can happen to your project schedule as well, making you take an “alternate route” that causes you to miss important deadlines. That can be unnerving, but hold on—there’s hope.

LinkedIn Profile

Written for Patty Stoll, ILC Dover

Patty Stoll


Space Systems | Manager and Team Leader | Resourceful, Results-Oriented Problem Solver  


My time in the Marine Corps and at Lockheed Martin helped me develop the tools I needed for my first role at ILC Dover as Project Engineer. In my 13 years with ILC, I’ve worked in the Flight Engineering Group, managed the company’s space suit and space products programs, and I’m currently Division Manager of Space Systems.

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