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If you’ve gone shopping for a ghostwriter, you’ve seen that many charge a flat fee—often, a very high fee. They seem to disregard a book’s length and the time it will take to write it—they charge that same fee, no matter what! Often, that results in overcharging for ghostwriting services. 

My fee structure is different than that—you pay only for the number of words I produce for you. Just multiply the number of words by my rate ($0.70 per word) and that’s my fee for ghostwriting services.  

I’m not interested in becoming wealthy from ghostwriting your book. I want to do great work for you at a fair price, and I want you to be happy with the result and the good experience you had working with me.   

My fee includes:   

  • Weekly interviews to discuss your story 

  • Creating a detailed outline

  • Writing a complete book manuscript

  • Line editing manuscript

  • Proofreading manuscript 

  • Review by developmental book editor

  • Review by proofreader

  • Two rounds of revisions for each chapter

  • Transcription fees for interview transcripts 

  • Error-free manuscript ready for publishing, finished in eight months

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