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Written for Fran DiNuzzo, President and CEO, ILC Dover

As we developed our corporate rebranding, we didn’t focus solely on eye-catching colors or trendy designs. We wanted every element of our new brand to be a clear, direct reflection of the ILC Dover story and our people.


Our new website greets visitors with a brief video that conveys our new brand and highlights our creative, energetic employees who always seek innovation to achieve what was never before possible.


This approach to our work has remained unchanged since we started providing engineered solutions to customer problems back in 1947.


Time and time again, fresh ideas and state-of-the-art engineering enabled us to redefine boundaries. In the 1950s, no one knew if a pilot could survive the pressures of high-altitude flight. ILC created innovative flight helmets for the U.S. Air Force that enabled pilots to survive and go on to even greater heights.


In 1961, John F. Kennedy announced that the U.S. would embark on a mission to put a man on the moon. No one knew if it was technically feasible or if humans could stay alive in the foreboding lunar environment.


The following year, ILC Dover won a prestigious contract from NASA to build what would become the Apollo Space Suit. Once again, the people of ILC took on a daunting challenge and created a revolutionary product.  


In this spirit of forging new frontiers, we recently redesigned our corporate logo to feature the ILC Dover name extending outward past the boundaries of a square. After all, for more than 70 years, ILC Dover has had a passion for moving beyond what is to discover what could be.


For example, ILC brought valuable innovations to the marketplace in the 1980s, including the M-40 Gas Mask which provided first responders and healthcare providers ease of use in life-critical situations. This technology served as the basis for the SCape protective hood that we supply today to hospitals and drug manufacturers to protect workers.


Our new tagline is Beyond Boundaries. The way we see it, boundaries are all around us, but when we push beyond the restrictions of time, space and materials, they’re no longer boundaries; they become windows to new opportunities.


A good example of his happened in 1994 when Eli Lilly Corporation, frustrated with the cost and risk of producing high-potency pharmaceuticals, was searching for a way to contain potentially poisonous material and provide better safety for employees.


The team at ILC Dover conjured up a new use for plastic film to create our ArmorFlex materials, which started a revolution in the pharmaceutical industry and are still one of our premier product lines.


A few years ago, when the New York City subway system was devastated by superstorm Sandy, ILC Dover was challenged to devise a method for protecting the subway with a product that is easy to deploy and able to hold back high levels of water.


The ILC Dover team developed FlexGate and FlexWall, which provide high-strength closures that protect transit systems, buildings and equipment from floods.


We’re changing our branding, but the heart and soul of our company will always remain the same: We use innovation, creativity and expertise to engineer high-performance products that solve customer problems. We specialize in going beyond boundaries.

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