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At GillespieHall, we know every successful brand is propelled by compelling storytelling. And that’s what we do. Tell your story effectively.


Creating awareness and developing loyal brand advocates starts with understanding the target audiences. The GH team produces inspiring work that consistently delivers measurable results. Successfully integrating all involved communication channels, we increase awareness and change behaviors.


Our business is to grow yours.


If your marketing strategy needs a boost or you’re putting together a plan from scratch, our stellar staff and vast resources will help you tell your story and enhance your business:


  • Check out our blog for the latest on social media tactics, branding your business, PR that really works, handling a crisis and boosting your job performance.   


  • Subscribe to our Friday InsiGHts e-newsletter and check your in-box every week for our latest thoughts on a variety of topics that will enhance your business and your life outside the office too.  


  • We’re pleased when clients praise our work, but it’s nice to get kudos  from our peers as well. We’ve received more than 30 awards including MarCom Awards, Davey Awards, SIA Awards and AVA Digital Awards for our blogs, videos, websites and social media campaigns.    




At GillespieHall, our PR, Marketing and Social Media firm in Delaware and Philly, we know every successful brand is propelled by compelling storytelling. And that’s what we do. Tell your story effectively.


Creating awareness and developing loyal brand advocates starts with understanding the target audiences. The GH team produces inspiring work that consistently delivers measurable results. Successfully integrating all involved communication channels, we increase awareness and change behaviors.


Our business is to grow yours.


Our holding company, BGP Publicity, was founded in 1996 and GillespieHall opened for business in 2002 as a PR and marketing firm with a focus on healthcare. Dynamic agency Partner Bridget Paverd, a savvy global PR practitioner and strategist, hand-crafted the beginnings of GillespieHall and in 2006 (the year Facebook started) our agency formed a digital marketing department.


Teamwork at GillespieHall


We’ve earned success and international awards because our diverse team brings varied talents and experience to the table. We represent three generations, eight business disciplines and five continents—we even speak seven languages—and we work together on every account:

  • Our Public Relations Team provides PR counsel 24/7. We’re  metrics-driven crisis counselors, media strategists and campaign technicians who love working “in the trenches” with our clients.  


  • The Digital Marketing Team are social media marketing innovators skilled at website development, digital messaging, business and economics research, and social media applications.  


  • Adding a spark of inspiration, the Creative Team features proven visual specialists and designers, skilled writers and content creators, photographers, video and audio artists.


  • The Operations Team keeps our PR firm running on all cylinders with top-of-the-line project management and a talent for building and developing client relationships.  



Clients Around the World


Our clients span the globe from Philadelphia to London, an impressive cadre of  successful corporations, family-owned businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals in finance, healthcare, biotech, education, consumer service, IT, agriculture and social services. By the way, we work with famous authors and politicians as well—life is never boring at GillespieHall!  


No matter what industry they’re in, our clients are passionate about what they do and they care deeply about one thing—building their brands. They like to stay connected with their clients, consumers and online audience, and they recognize that teaming with GillespieHall gives them an edge on the competition. 


Keeping It Confidential


At GH, client confidentiality is vitally important. We want our clients to be in the spotlight, not our firm. As we like to put it, “We prefer to have your back instead of being out front.” As your undetectable “secret weapon,” we keep our client relationships absolutely confidential—only with our clients’ permission do we provide referrals for prospective GH clients. 


Our hard-working team of Public Relations professionals, sociologists, digital marketing strategists and creative content designers capture the attention of our clients’ target audience and influence their actions by using:


  • Social Media Management

  • Websites

  • Community Outreach

  • Media Relations

  • Crisis Management

  • Corporate Communications

  • Marketing Plans

  • New Business and Product Launches

  • Brand Development

  • Human Resource Initiatives

“GillespieHall approaches their publicity work in a way that turns it on its head, but only when necessary, and the team instinctively knows when it needs this. Smart thinking. Smart execution.”

Heather Bowen, Creative Executive Director, Baker Street Agency

“GillespieHall helped develop my reputation as a strong community and industry leader. A more robust LinkedIn profile, media training and speechwriting services helped bring me to that next level.”

Matthew S., Business Owner, Service Industry, Wilmington, Delaware

“We hired GillespieHall to assist us to transition an existing D.C. school into an entirely new D.C. Charter School. GH created our visual brand which included everything from creating a vision and mission statement, new logo and tag line, to designing and expediting signage, school collaterals, and school uniforms. GH was involved in every detail of launching and sustaining the new school; they designed a new website; designed and implemented a social media strategy around recruiting students and keeping parents informed. CTA exceeded enrollment goals by almost 30% the first year we opened. We attribute this largely to the social media strategy designed and managed by GH.”

Dr. L. Henderson, Executive Director, Cedar Tree Academy Public Charter School

“We hired GillespieHall to completely rebrand our firm. Their attention to detail is unprecedented. Under Bridget Paverd’s leadership, the GH team misses nothing. GH understood our need for unified and compatible image and messaging. They have taught us that a brand is both a discipline and an asset. We always thought we were a remarkable company – now, after GH’s branding campaign, everyone knows we are a remarkable company!"

John Hartnett, CEO, Capital and Worth

“Working with the GillespieHall team is a pleasure. They delivered a web product that surpassed our expectations: well designed, uncluttered, elegant, powerful, on time and on budget. Their digital team leaves nothing to chance. We could not be more pleased.”

Robert Wilk, VP, ICT

“GillespieHall measures every outcome from every communication platform and provides us with data in an easily digestible console—data I share with my board and funders on a monthly basis."

Dr. Lynn Fahey, CEO, Brandywine Counseling and Community Services



Our Public Relations team will tell your story to your ideal audience with creativity and passion, and one goal in mind—building your brand and your bottom line:  


  • Strategic planning that gets results

  • Targeted messaging and message calibration

  • Media relations

  • Speechwriting

  • Creative and video services

  • PR and digital marketing solutions for business and nonprofits


Our Early Advantage strategies secure community buy-in for new projects, products or other initiatives—gaining public trust and respect for our clients as  authorities in their fields:


  • Power introductions

  • Branding

  • Websites

  • Earned media/publicity

  • Social media messaging

  • Community engagement (e.g., events and workshops)

  • Strategic advertising

The Executive Branding Suite (EBS) is a personalized, digital PR service that elevates your online presence with customized messaging that conveys poise, purpose and power:


  • Consolidate your digital platforms

  • Fill the gaps in your online profile

  • Define your brand

  • Attract a more valuable network of connections

  • Achieve your personal objectives sooner

Social Media has exploded into an essential tool for every PR or branding campaign and we help our clients realize its full potential:  


  • Ongoing content creation

  • Online activity monitoring and response

  • Account design and management

  • Crisis management

  • Customized performance reports

  • Social media advertising and campaign management

  • Facebook advertising

Your Website is your online spokesperson and our website services help you create, utilize and manage your site to make it a powerful marketing tool:


  • Structure and design your website to increase visitor numbers, sales or leads.


  • Give your website the ongoing attention it needs to stay updated and keep visitors coming back.


  • Utilize search-based marketing (SBM) techniques that use  customized PR strategies, SEO tactics, pay-per-click ads and strategic targeting.


When a crisis hits, GillespieHall is your first responder with Crisis Communications services that take immediate action to safeguard your business and reputation:


  • Comprehensive crisis response planning that includes immediate action planning


  • Fast, knowledgeable response to guide you through a potentially devastating situation


  • Proven reputation management that preserves your reputation with short-term and long-term views that keep your business on track



Check out our weekly blog where the creative, curious GH team shares the latest information on business and news as well as tips on making work more productive and fulfilling. You’ll find thought-provoking ideas on topics such as using social media, brand-building tactics, consumer behavior, boosting your performance on the job, achieving a satisfying work-life balance and giving your own online brand a lift.      

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