Employee Email

Written for Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Subject Line: For Your Safety


Purchased chemicals you use in the lab can be hazardous, but there’s an easy way to stay safe: Find the facts, share the facts.


If you suspect a hazard, click here to go to the new Safety Data Sheet (SDS) database, the main source for facts on chemicals, hazards associated with them, and precautions. Then take these steps:


  • Find information on chemicals in the SDS database


  • Get all the data you need to proceed safely


  • Share the information so your group stays safe 



The database contains more than 8 million SDSs − you’ll get the information you need to stay safe.


You don’t need an account or password, and there’s no cost for using the database. Bookmark it or add it to your favorites so you can access it quickly.


Providing this resource is one of the ways Novartis complies with the OSHA mandate to make safety information available to you.   


Safety isn’t only up to you—we must work together and protect each other. Find the facts, share the facts. Stay safe!